Saturday, June 11, 2011


My life like everyone Else's is filled with ups and downs. With a supposedly bright future awaiting me with wide open arms, the darkness of failure envelopes it and spat right at my face. Failure is such a disastrous word especially for someone like me whom demands success and upholds his pride when every speck of human that walked on this soil look down upon me.....

Failure doesn't only show failure, it is accompanied by the sorrow siblings that can crush even the mighty Hercules that once roamed and ruled the world, anxiety, despair, disappointment, depressed, LOSER, solemn, pain, and HATRED. Words of encouragement filled up your ears, lightened up your path, motivated you to stand to arms!!! BUT there is sometimes GOD despise so much on you, alone, you alone shall not regain any form of dignity to rise.

This is LIFE, no fairy tale lives here, no fantasy began, bad things-shitty things happen all the time. No one succeeds forever, some never will. When words made of gold and promises of diamonds as wonderful as they sound as magnificent it may be, if you fail, its just plain ol BULLSHIT. Ladies and Gentlemen, that's ma LIFE.

Once upon a time, an wise lady told me, FAILURE ain't the end, I didn't doubt her until this day when ma LIFE no longer has anything beyond, I cried for believing the crap she told me. Gambling is every part of LIFE, I gambled my everything and it paid off, yea paid off badly. Miracle will never exist to those who failed but to those born with success.

I won't ask anyone to stop trying, cuz its your LIFE. As for mine whether I continue leaving in SHIT or the SHIT gives me strength to continue on...... I'll just got to keep eating bullshit........


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